People’s Assembly Newport meeting Tuesday, 22 October 2013 at 19:00

Apologies: Nic, Ann, Nazia and Pete

Promotion: 2nd October Cor Cochion will be singing out the Westgate hotel, good opportunity to promote the Chartist Survival night. Katy to arrange leaflets for the 2nd November; though is unable to be there on the day. Ericka and Dominic offered to post around houses.

Bedroom tax: Members spoke of their own experiences regarding the BT and it was decided that it was necessary to start local campaign regarding the bedroom tax. Need to press LA and Housing associations to set up a no evictions policy. Des’ friend that has done lots of work regarding the Bedroom tax in Pontllanfraith, he would be happy to arrange a meeting to share his expertise. Des, Mandy and Katy to arrange a meeting to design BT leaflets and plan how to move forward with this campaign. Discussions involved supporting the Cardiff and South Wales Rally on the 26th October at 1pm. It was suggested that we should start a protest in Newport at an earlier time; therefore members could join Cardiff afterwards to make contacts. 11 said they could support a protest in Newport 10am at Westgate Hotel 26thOctober. Chris has knowledge of Bedroom tax campaigns as he has been involved in such campaigns in Leicester, will design petition and send to Katy to prepare for the weekend. Dominic and Jon to prepare banners. No need to inform police as there isn’t gping to be an obstruction to the highway

Welfare/NHS and Immigration: to be put forward to future meetings. Considerations are challenging the current negative perception of benefit claimants and immigrants

2017 Elections: Everyone should be encouraged to stand for the next elections

7th December:  Chartist Survival A spectacular evening of music, art, politics and satirical comedy at Le Pub,Taffijar Allstars, Carbolic Sound System Dan Rowley  and Cosmo have confirmed. There will be an open mic session every half hour so that everyone can have their say. Need more publicity of this event, create posters, Tom can print A3 size posters. Also Le Pub have a massive facebook group, ask them to share the event. Additionally, we will need to have a stall with information and rights of the ordinary person, bedroom tax campaigns etc. Katy and Nazia to make pin badges to sell and raise funds.

AOB Wetlands fracking, concern about when they will start? Concerns that they will sneak in during the winter, people need to keep a watch out.

5th November Million Mask March Cardiff City Hall 6pm march to bay, will post on FB page

London People’s Assembly national meeting, one delegate from each PA to attend.


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